If you’re reading this, you are likely concerned about how this year's election is taking place.

The list of potential and real challenges we face is long. Whether it’s cuts to the US Postal Service; malfunctioning voting equipment; voter suppression; misinformation; intimidation at the polls; violence among political supporters; or the President improperly using the powers of the executive branch and possibly refusing to accept defeat; we are witnessing ongoing actions that destroy our democracy bit by bit.

We the People need to prepare ourselves to take on these threats swiftly, strategically, and in ways that protect the Constitution and restore accountability. This guide is designed to help people from all walks of life take action to ensure that the election is free and fair, and that the results are respected. There is a role for everyone in this effort, and your help is needed.

What's in the Guide?

The guide contains four parts:
Part I focuses on critical actions people can take from now until Election day (Nov. 3, 2020) to ensure a successful election.

Part II gives background on potential scenarios that could play out between Election day to Inauguration day (Jan. 20, 2021).

Part III provides a four-step process to start an election protection group in your community, and begin planning potential actions to protect democracy.

Part IV offers an in-depth analysis and model of change from the field of civil resistance, which informs our recommendations.

Who is this Guide for?

The guide is designed for people from all walks of life, from people who are new to politics to experienced activists and organizers.

Who put this Guide together?

The guide, was put together by Hardy Merriman, Ankur Asthana, Marium Navid, and Kifah Shah. We are researchers, organizers, and activists, who've seen how people-powered movements have protected freedom and democracy around the world. All of us have worked on this guide as volunteers and hope you'll find it useful in taking action!

Will you join us to hold the line and defend democracy?

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